d’Angelo Sugah Daddy | Lick

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to play, understand, use and re-use the lick (and main groove) from d’angelo’s sugah daddy. Hi Everybody! How you doin’? This week I extracted a funky little lick from one of Pop-Piano’s greatest: d’Angelo. With hints from blues to bebop, this one is sure to groove your socks … Read more

Practice-Awareness – Appreciating the value in everything you study | Concept Lesson

This lesson is all about maximizing overall growth as a musician. Adopting a mindset for seeing potential and leveraging skill re-usability for efficient practice. Do adopt and you might find that you are already a lot better than you actually thought. Hi Everybody! Anything new? After a lot of questions and picking my own brain … Read more

Arpeggios and Multifunctionality – Musical Efficiency | Concept Lesson

“Effectifying” your musical vocabulary – how to re-use one seemingly limited technique to maximise your skills & growth. Hi Guys! What’s up? In this concept lesson I’ll get into a clever little hack for both maximising your practice effectiveness, as well as show you an even more efficient way of using what you can already … Read more