How To Make Your Chords Flow

After I had been in the rehearsal room with my very first band for about 3 months, it was time for our first show. I was pretty nervous, yet excited to try out my brand new stage piano. Man that thing sounded amazing. Classic vintage sounds and a much more real-to-life piano sound than my … Read more

Imagine – Practicing Mentally

Many -successful- people swear by visualization. They truly believe that if they think hard enough about something they want and envision themselves with every fibre of their bodies already having it – how it feels, looks, smells – that they will get it. And the strange thing is (or is it?) – it works.   … Read more

Are You Taking Care Of Your Most Important Asset?

You can only perform as good as your body and mind allow for. They are your tools – your instrument. When you regard them as such, taking good care of them makes all the more sense. “A sound mind is in a sound body” “Perfecting the personal regularly leads to success as a professional – … Read more

Steal Like An Artist While Emulating Chefs

It’s hard to argue against the fact that we are constantly being influenced by all that we see in the world around us – consciously, but definitely also unconsciously. Being aware of this and on the lookout for the recyclable building blocks that make something -anything- “great,” allows you to extract those building blocks, ideas … Read more

Similarity Awareness

Life is essentially a stack of experiences. How you experience and (are able to) do anything is based on previous experiences. Being extra aware of which part of a new experience or challenge might resemble something you’ve handled well or learned in the past – allows you to draw from those past experiences and build … Read more

Repetition is the mother(-in-law) of skill

It sounds so simple – rehearse. Practice. Repeat whatever it is you want to learn and/or accomplish, consistently, and you will get there. Learn the skill. Reach your goal. Consistency is a term that re-occurs often throughout these nuggets. It’s somewhat of a “theme” if you will. And for good reason. Consistency -as opposed to … Read more

Routine is the Enemy – Consistency your Friend

Here I’ll talk a bit about the philosophy of alternation, thereby challenging yourself and how we can treat and leverage “growing into something” -“habitifying,” if you will- to actually make ourselves improve more effectively. We’ll look at how we can throw both our bodies and minds off-guard so they adapt to- and adopt a state … Read more


Actively listening, will teach you tons. It implies paying attention to what you hear, without over-analyzing (i.e. thinking about-, or better said, judging it) just yet. Not mixing in your own thoughts, forming an opinion and thereby distracting your attention away from actually absorbing the input. This proves difficult. Here’s how to increase the benefits … Read more

Don’t go too fast, too soon.

There is a multitude of things that tend to cloud our judgement of when we’ve mastered –actually mastered- something at a certain level of skill and are ready to progress to the next step. This difficulty of self-assessing our skills, sprinkled with the excitement of reaching that shiny end-goal -mastery- that we have in mind, … Read more