CoutCam – Jamie Cullum’s All At Sea Vamp

For this week’s CoutCam video – a Vamp taken from Jamie Cullum’s “All At Sea” A very soothing, highly “loopable” vamp taken from Jamie’s Twentysomething album (my favorite). The right hand plays a back-and-forth sixteenth-beats pattern between a “b-flat” & “e-flat” (quarter) and an “a-flat.” The left hand changes chords (which makes the function of … Read more

Chord Progression Of The Week – Molina & Bear Keyscape Jam

We’re staying in the Neo-Soul vibes for this weeks progression, which is taken from an absolutely mind-blowing impromptu improvisation session between the amazing Emily Bear and the (dare I say it) even more amazing Jesus Molina. The jam originated after Jesus finished a session for a promo video for the software instrument Keyscape, when CEO … Read more

Prince – How Come You Don’t Call Me | Song Tutorial

“How Come You Don’t Call Me (Anymore),” even though it was only released as a B-side, might in my eyes just be the perfect embodiment of the signature characteristics that made Prince such a great musician. I remember the first time when I saw Prince play some live, solo-piano on a Youtube video where he … Read more