Happier Than The Morning Sun – Stevie Wonder Cover

Man, how I’ve always loved this beautiful Stevie Wonder tune Happier Than The Morning Sun. Took me some time, but I finally grew a pair and actually covered it.

I made another cover! Finally. 🙂

I’ve been playing around with Happier Than The Morning Sun for some time now and finally decided just to record it. Is it perfect? Hardly. Will it help as a next step to getting me back on track to doing this more often, absolutely.

After putting in tons (8 months+ full-time, 50hrs+ weeks) hours into setting up the new free-to-play Piano Lingo platform (yes, that’s FREE to play, as in: you can learn how to play piano here for free – try it out here) I’m back to creating content. Finally.

Happier Than The Morning Sun has been one of my favorites for so long now, and thus sitting on my list of “to-cover one day” that I thought it was about time now.

I personally really like how the original Clav part translates to the piano this way.

What do you think?

You can find a keys-only, animated-overhead view (or in other words the famous CoutCam video) to learn the keys part perfectly, in the Piano Lingo members area.

What would you like me to cover next?

Hope you’ll enjoy this one.



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