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Typical Bond-style Orchestration and a Pop-Piano-at-its-finest part, supporting yet another killer vocal-performance from our good friend Sam Smith.
Sam oh Sam. You’re blowing up man. An f’in BOND theme-song? Wow. But let’s be honest: 100% deserved. What a singer. For a Bond theme-song, I think this one’s actually a pretty cool tune too, right?

Gotta love those Bond vibes. The movies too. I guess. Really don’t know what it is with those films. They are cool, sure. I mean, what self-respecting guy hasn’t at least at one moment in his life (or a few) wanted to be Bond. But in all honesty… the actual movies aren’t all that great, right?
Casino Royal. That was my favorite. An actual awesome movie in my humble opinion, even outside of the Bond spectr… um (oh cut it out with the pun!).

This weeks lesson for the theme-song of the new James Bond blockbuster “Spectre,” turned out to be quite the tutorial. From super-heavy extension chords (including the typical “Bond-13 chord”), there where I tried to translate the orchestral into to the piano, to fairly simple basic triads and almost everything in between; it’s all in there.

In general I tried to focus on the actual piano that is in the original song, which already displays a wide range of Pop-Piano techniques, but to get even a little closer to the original sound of this song when executing this by yourself solo on the piano, I also copied a few signature snippets of those orchestral lines. Turned out pretty cool I think!

All in all, I feel there is something in here for everybody to learn and -after a bit of study maybe- impress both friend and foe.

Have a lot of fun with this one, let me know what you think and -if you dare- show me how you play it!

Cheers, Coen.

Ps. Anybody already seen Spectre? Is it worthwhile?


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