Portugal The Man – Feel it Still | Song Tutorial


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Feel it Still might very well be the best song of 2017. Heck. Portugal the Man might be the very best band we’ve seen enter the charts in years! What a track. I definitely feel it still.

Hi Guys! How’s it going?

It was in fact my girlfriend who notified me of a “new song she liked SO much.” And yes, a rare thing happened. I liked “feel it still” on the very first listen! A hit! Truly amazing track. Musicians that can really play. Killer groove. Awesome instrumentation. Rocking production. Feel it Still is definitely my (Billboard) track of the year.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to play:

  • Feel it still’s killer bass groove (that carries, and is played -almost- throughout, the entire song)
  • Several rounds to “add upon” that groove simulating:
  • The one-note guitar groove, using Bruce Hornsby’s “spider fingers” technique
  • Horn Accents
  • Feel it still’s amazing, signature, pentatonic guitar lick (premium only) – that almost sounds Indian, right?

Have fun learning how to play “Feel it Still” on piano!

Cheers, Coen.

Portugal the Man | Feel It Still