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Do not confuse Adele with Lionel. I know. They’re probably literal opposites, but still. It’s a bold move from this British diva choosing a song title that is already… -looking for superlative… found none- quite famous.
So they might indeed be opposites as to what meets the eye, however now they also have two major things in common. A monster-hit song title and, obviously, they both sing quite ok. Holy S. What a voice this woman has.

I must be honest. That (-> ‘del’s stunning vocal performance), a nice set of words I guess and -ok, OK! fair enough- a strong melody, especially taken into account that this is yet another shameless display of the 3-5 (5 in this case) basic-triads-shifting-over-the-keyboard-and-“voila”-you-got-yourself-a-brand-new-song-trend going on in the top of the Billboards these days, are about the only things I like about this song. (So yeah, actually that’s about 90% of the song 😀 ).
Also, I have to admit, that it’s quite the art being able to keep comin’ up with new “good” melodies without breaking the bank in harmony land.

What can I say. It’s a hit (250 MILLION youtube views in just over a week…), it’s extremely easy to play if you know your chords (I want to say “.. and patterns” but actually there isn’t even a single pattern involved here. Just lay those chords down at the right moment and you’re all good) and a great candidate to impress your lova lova with. Or someone else.

Extremely suited if you’re just starting out with this way of playing piano, or if you want to focus for the full 99% on singing this tune (which is HARD) while accompanying yourself (which as mentioned, isn’t hard at all).

Tip to make it even easier: strip back on bass notes to leave just the root for each chord.

I’m curious to hear what you think and even more so: to hear your cover! So please leave a comment, optionally including a link of you playing/singing.

Have fun!

Cheers, Coen.

Hello Adele Used Chords


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