Chord Progression & Loop Of The Week – “Slick Enough”

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Here’s a nice little, (neo)soul-influenced chord progression that I came up with.

I’ve also used it in this week’s loop (see below), where you’ll find it actually played with rhythm / patterns.

I’d like to challenge you, however, to first try and see what you would come up with as to how to play this (adding your own pattern(s)), before optionally taking inspiration from my groove.

Key = Fm

Question to ponder: How would we call the second chord if we’d regard the “c” as the root, i.e. it being a C chord?

Why might it make more sense to call it an Ab chord in this case?


See how the a-flat is a constant, occurring in all chords, yet its function changes on all chords (making it sound very interesting – stable as a constantly occurring note, interesting as a color change): 7, 1, 5, 5, b13, 3.

For some extra juice, we add and keep an “e-flat” in all the chords. This constant (note) changes in function over all chords: 11, 5, 9, 9, #9, 7.


Loop of the week

Here’s my take on adding patterns and groove to this progression.

I also added some juice to the chords.