Changes / The way it is – Tupac / Bruce Hornsby

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2 thoughts on “Changes / The way it is – Tupac / Bruce Hornsby”

  1. My dear good man! Hi there!I love your piano-couture web-site and the many pop and r&b and soul piano tutorials you have on offer for learning.I really found it very useful what you stressed today about the extreme importance of understanding chords and how they are strung together to make beautiful piano music!I am just a beginning pop and soul piano learner and hope one day that I can learn to make beautiful piano music like Stevie Wonder,John Legend,Alicia Keyes ,Lionel Ritchie,Elton John and so many other greats.I wish that someday soon you can teach me to play Pennylover,by Lionel Ritchie.In the meantime,can you put me on your permanent mailing list to keep me posted on new tutorials,and possibilities of learning with you. I have been checking out the million and one piano tutorial websites out there in cyberspace,which teach you how to play notes….but you are the only guy out there who stresses the importance of chords and so I believe that you have a far deeper understanding of what’s going on behind the music than most ever body else!Your approach seems much more professional and so I hope that you can help me achieve my goals of sounding and playing like a professional pop and r@b pianist.So, great website,and to you…..a very knowledgeable instructor.So please keep me posted on your latest teaching endeavors.Thank-you,Phil,from New York City. Nice to meet you too!:).Bye!

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